We believe that a more sustainable life at home should be affordable, attractive, and easy. Now, with the help of our co-workers and customers across Canada, we’re going to prove it!

We have hundreds of products in the IKEA range that can help you save energy and water, reduce and sort waste, and live a healthier life. We want to show Canadians how simple it can be to keep a few extra dollars in their pockets, reduce their environmental footprints, and feel a bit better about the way they live.

Over the past two years, we have had over 200 co-worker “ambassadors” for sustainable living test out these products and share their experiences with our 4500+ colleagues across Canada. Now we’ll share what we’re learning with the world, and we’ll have dozens of Canadians join us for the fun.

Browse around this site to meet them all, read their blogs, hear their stories. When it comes to good ideas, we say “steal with pride”.

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  • Energy

    Learn how participants are using energy-saving solutions from IKEA to keep money in their pockets and lower their climate impact.

  • Waste &

    Our participants have some creative ways to cut down on trash, prevent food waste, save money, and recycle more.

  • Water

    Perhaps our most precious natural resource. Simple ideas and products are helping our participants to reduce their flow.

  • Healthy

    See how our participants are getting more active, growing food at home, making creating healthier home environments.

All content is solely the results and opinions of the participants based on their personal experiences.