Friends Don’t Let Friends Waste Water

Friends, I no longer hate doing the dishes. I no longer dread trying to water my plants in the sink. And, I no longer fear trying to fill large pots. I finally have a new kitchen faucet and I am a very, very happy lady.

Here’s what I was dealing with before:


It’s a little unclear from this photo (help me…I find cropping photos hard) but the curvature on the faucet left a lot to be desired. Even after all this time, I almost shudder talking about it.

After just over a year in our house, I was almost getting used to the idea that I wouldn’t be able to fit most of my pots in the sink to fill them. Since our sink is only about 6 inches deep (side note: you may look a little nutty, but bringing a tape measure with you when looking at houses could save you a lot of headaches later on) and because the faucet was low, we didn’t have much clearance between the spout and the bottom of the sink. If tried moving things around left, then right, then finagling with the hose, and doing a handstand (that’s an exaggeration…but not by much), I could usually squeeze  pots in to fill them. And then would have to unwind that same song and dance to get the pots out. Anyway, it wasn’t killing anyone but it was a daily annoyance I wanted to rid from my life.

Enter the ELVERDAM faucet.


Not only does this bad boy give us better clearance and lets us keep a pullout hose for easy rinsing/filling, it will also save us water use thanks to its filter mechanism that reduces water flow (while maintaining pressure ,awesome).

Once the kitchen was complete, we went through and retrofitted the other bathrooms in the house with IKEA’s other water-saving faucets. Did you know the GRANSKÄR has a cold start function, whereby you get cold water by pushing the lever straight up, and that this feature can save you 30% of the faucet’s energy use?



We have some finishing work to do when it comes to finding a base plate for the faucet (but also maybe redoing the whole bathroom…?) however I’m super happy with how these replacements worked out.

Especially since so far, after one cycle of water bills (we only get our water bills quarterly in the city), we’re already saved ourselves $50!! DOUBLE EXCLAMATION POINTS!  If we keep this up, we are on track to reduce our home’s water usage up to 35% over the course of a year.

I’m excited by what’s beginning here, and where our new faucets are going to take our little family.