Using Water Wisely

As my next step of the IKEA Canada Sustainable Living Project, I wanted to tackle water conservation.  I decided to install more energy efficient taps in the children’s bathrooms. You can save money on your next water and energy bills with a new faucet. A simple step, for a great long-term savings.  {And they were super simple to install too, probably took less than 30 minutes for each one, thanks to my hubby for his handywork!}

I decided on the DANNSKÄR {beautifully chrome-plated} faucets and am not disappointed.  This faucet saves 30% of the energy needed for warming the water through it’s ‘cold start’ mechanism, savings which we’ve already noticed on our energy bills.  In regular faucets, when you turn the lever straight up BOTH cold and hot water are released, which is unnecessary as oftentimes hot water stops within the valve, not reaching the faucet.  With the ‘cold start’ design, when you lift the lever straight up, only cold water is released, which reduces hot water wastage.  To get hot water you simply have to turn the faucet handle to the left.


Up to 50% of water can also be conserved as the faucet has a mechanism that reduces water flow while maintaining pressure.  They look super cute too in the kids’ bathrooms which is why I couldn’t resist snapping a few pics!  These faucets are a must-have in a home, especially those with little ones!


Other tips to help conserve the amount of water you’re using:

– Use a cup while brushing your teeth instead of running the water {Did you know….an individual could save approximately 567,812 litres of water in a lifetime by turning off the faucet while brushing their teeth}

– Keep a jug of water in the fridge {I infuse mine with lemon!}, instead of running the tap until it cools

– Running a full dishwater load can save 50% MORE water than hand-washing {I’m ALL IN on this one!}

* These home tips are taken from : Yarrow, Joanna.  How to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint. London, UK.  Duncan Baird Publishers, 2008.   Check it our for these home tips, and many more!