So far, over xxx participants in country have accepted the mission: to find simple and affordable ways to reduce energy, water and waste, and live a healthy lifestyle.
How does it all work? Participants receive IKEA products, insights, tips and ideas to help them get started. Then, they share their experiences over the course of XX months.
Here you can read their blogs, listen to their stories, and get involved.

  • Waste &

    Recycling systems differ from city to city. Yet recycling and reducing waste is something that we can all do. See how our participants find creative ways to recycle everyday items and share money-saving tips. Simply filter the blogs by choosing waste & recycling.

  • Energy

    Saving energy can help lower your household bills and lessen your impact on the environment. See how our participants use energy-saving appliances like ovens and hobs, fridges, freezers, and cooking accessories. Simply filter the blogs by choosing energy saving.

  • Water

    Water is a resource we all share and need to conserve. A few small changes can help you reduce the amount of water you use at home. See how our participants explore water-saving taps, dishwashers and washing machines. Simply filter the blogs by choosing water saving.

  • Healthy

    A healthy lifestyle can mean many things to many people. We believe it’s about nutritious food, including the possibility to grow your own. See how our participants discover different ways to live healthier every day. Simply filter the blogs by choosing healthy living.

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