Shopping bags: buy once, use (more than) twice!

    I actually thought I did a great job regarding shopping bags. I have been buying only paper bags for a while now, always using them repeatedly for shopping and one last time to carry recycling items (i.e. plastic or glass bottles) to the recycling facility. Once there, I also recycle the paper bags that are broken or too weak for the next shopping trip. There?s a lot more we can do about shopping bags! For one, stop using them and use other things instead: rucksacks, bycicle baskets, trolleys or reusable bags. Because, whichever material shopping bags are made of, and regardless of how many times we use them before throwing them away, producing these bags requires precious energy and resources. An estimate of one billion plastic bags are carried home worldwide every year, this means 150 plastic bags per person or 2 million bags a minute! Reusable bags are a small yet simple contribution to more sustainability that can have a great impact through a daily implementation!