Waste recycling made easy (and beautiful!)

    ?The good ones go into the pot, the bad ones go into your crop.”, mumbled Cinderella while sorting lentils. Because she didn?t particularly enjoy this task, in Grimm?s fairy tale she asked pigeons, turtledoves and birds for help. Similarly, we can also picture many tasks more interesting than sorting waste of all kinds every day. However, for us it is clear that with the amount of waste in Switzerland increasing at the rate it has in the past few years, sorting waste is ? in addition to reducing waste ? a great way to save energy and resources. Instead of asking birds to help us sort our waste, we have opted for a simple yet effective trick: we have built a practical waste sorting station that is also pleasing to the eye. If it looks good and works well, we feel more compelled to use it every day! IMG_4725-Medium So we set up a waste sorting station in our basement, that is not only fully functional but also looks good. The waste sorting bags are easy to clean and can be marked so we know what we can recycle in them: glass, metal, plastic, paper, batteries, etc. The bags are also a great addition Waste sorting is no longer a dirty or gruelling task, which is why we?ve lost the initial reluctance to do it!