LED everything?

    The IKEA team’s big contribution to increased sustainability in the home, consisted for the main part in the fact that we got new lamps with LED bulbs. Our “old rustic living room” gained a completely new lighting concept, with chic lamps in white metal with fabric-covered power cables (RANARP), wall lights in the living room and fantastic bedside table lamps. DSC_4241 We love our new lamps, we think they fit really well in our house! We laughed at the idea of replacing lamps that work with new ones a bit at first, however, as we thought it just wasn’t very sustainable. We’re not so quick to poke fun anymore…and this is why: Despite the great new LED lamps, we still had a few other lamps with bulbs and spotlights in the house. Eventually we decided to slowly switch to LED technology; every time a bulb needs replacing, an LED bulb is put in. Inspired by the IKEA team and informed by EnergieSchweiz, we’ve decided to change straight away. So we went to the IKEA store with a huge shopping list and bought LEDs (unfortunately that was before the campaign in which the IKEA group donates CHF 1.50 per LED purchased to refugees; such a shame as it would have been really worthwhile). There were then a few problems changing the bulbs at home. Dimmable LEDs can only be dimmed to a certain extent using the conventional dimmer switches. ?Hmm, so we put the old ones back in. Our bedroom lamp didn’t light up properly any more with the LEDs, as it needed much “less” power for the old lamp. Sadly this lamp also broke as a result (although that wasn’t the case before). Stefan tried to fix it, but had no luck. We then bought the amazing compatible lamp that we’ve looked at in the store time and time again for years. DSC_4537 If you’d like to make the switch to LEDs without these glitches, you’ll find information here?or here?(in German).   How much the switch will affect the electricity meter remains to be seen…together with low washing temperatures, only washing what is necessary, saving hot water (requires a lot of power to heat it), etc., our power consumption is continuing to decrease. Incidentally, we’ll be making the biggest move towards alternative energy very soon: We’re getting solar panels on our south-facing roof from the IKEA team!!! (As soon as we’re up and running, you’ll be able to hear more about it here) ?