The Lustenberger family says hej!

    We are Stefan (37), Miriam (30), Yanick (5) and Michel (3 1/2) and we live near Winterthur in rural bliss, in a half timber house that’s approx. 140 years old. We live our life in as environmentally friendly a manner as possible. We cook seasonal food, grow vegetables in our garden and buy a lot in the farm shops in the village. We hope to gain new input and food for thought from the project for better sustainability. We only became more conscious of things by measuring the actual state of affairs last month (energy, waste, water, healthy lifestyle). We’ve already adopted new habits as a result. We are looking forward to the next month with the project and hope to obtain the reactions of others through this blog. Best wishes The Lustenberger family Haus_Bild Familie_Sommer_Bild