Veggies from our own garden

    It is not huge, nor perfect, but it still provides us with lettuce, green beans, zucchini, fennel, onions, leafy goosefoot, rhubarb, radishes, beetroot, sunchoke, etc, in the warmer months: my beloved garden. DSC_3907-Medium Until last summer, the tomatoes were kept in separate pots, but then I built them a little house using roof laths, old windows, corrugated panels and some paint. The little seedlings that are currently on my windowsill will be the first tomatoes to move into the little shed and grow roots directly in the earth of the garden. Our two little boys also have their own vegetable patch, which they tend to with my help. DSC_4736-Medium I always sow tomatoes, zucchini and cucumbers. I buy lettuce seedlings about every two weeks to ensure that we always have fresh salad, and sometimes I buy other leafy greens too. DSC_4049-Medium Learning to manage a garden took a lot of will to try new things, a lot of topic-related reading and some inquisitive glances over the hedge. Of course not everything works from the first time, but every year in the garden brings new experiences… DSC_4706-Medium