A “living” fence!

    I grew up without ever being fenced in and therefore find fences confining. I loved the fact that our garden was fenceless, which meant we had the freedom to come and go in it as we pleased. I have many beautiful childhood memories of when we used to step out into the neighbouring cow paddocks or walk into the forest. Now that I am a mother, however, I had to open my eyes to the fact that fences do have some advantages in terms of safety. Nonetheless, I was reluctant to use a normal fence to stabilize the hillside boulder wall close by. DSC008851-Medium I wanted to use a natural material, something that grows. That is sustainable in many ways, as no resources of any kind are wasted. Production and maintenance are chemical-free and no waste is generated when you get rid of the fence: it is compostable! DSC008881-Medium The good thing about using herbage as a fence is that they are also special. You can choose between many different smells and you can use your creativity to weave the fence however you like it. In our case, we spontaneously decided to build a small herbage “hut” for our little girl. I will continue weaving the new offshoots to close the hut more and more. Blossoming clematis will colour the garden in the summer. DSC008791-Medium Our daughter loves her little house and I am wondering how the story continues. DSC008831-Medium