The biggest success

    Reducing our waste has probably been our biggest success so far. We have been able to downsize from previously 3 to 4 35-liter bags a week to only a half bag a week. Of course it helped that my daughter stopped needing diapers. But also our new, cool IKEA recycling-bags have contributed to our separating every piece of waste (every paper, cardboard packaging). We are surprised to see how much more paper and cardboard we recycle now. Also, since January we?ve been separating plastic (and there is a lot of plastic in a 4-people household) using the Daetwiler bag? Additionally we are now recycling aluminum. All this has led to us having less regular waste ? but a lot more recycled waste!! We are very proud of ourselves? the only downside is that our regular waste bag is sitting in our kitchen for over a week and it does stink? All the best, the Zurkinden family